A Fortune 500 fashion retailer put out a Request for Proposal, searching for a vendor able to provide personalized local marketing materials for two of their major national brands. These materials have been designed with the goal of attracting more foot traffic to the outlet store properties. One of several firms invited to bid was a long-term PageDNA customer – a large print distributor.

Providing sales support and working directly with the distributor to help win the account, PageDNA assisted with implementation, storefront configuration, and managed the project through to a successful launch. Since launch, the project has since expanded the scope of products being offered and other brands being served. The project is also expanding internationally with localized versions for the UK and others planned for Asia. The distributor customer now offers this same solution to other enterprises with similar spend management challenges.

Below are 5 budget control challenges other brands and outlet stores often face, along with the unique solutions offered within PageDNA’s web to print platform.

Challenge #1: Different “brands” under the corporate umbrella see a different mix of products.

Solution: Divisions

PageDNA technology allows a “Division“, or user group, to be stored in outlet profiles. Upon login, the system filters the items displayed in the catalog, displaying items assigned to that location’s brand. Some locations feature both brands and are therefore able to see all products.

Challenge #2: An annualized “budget” is provided to each outlet location.

Solution: Budget Control

The PageDNA Budget Control module is a storefront upgrade that allows a budget to be stored in a profile maintained for each outlet. Following login, the current budget available is displayed at the top of each page during the ordering experience. An outlet may only order products if the items being purchased (including tax and shipping and handling) are within their remaining budget for the calendar year.

shipping rate editor

Challenge #3: Orders route first to a Regional Manager for approval before moving into production.

Solution: Order Approval & Approval Reminder System

The PageDNA Order Approval module routes an email alert to a designated Regional Manager following each order, soliciting their approval. If a manager denies an order, the budget is replenished and the order does not route to production. If a manager fails to reply to approval emails, the Approval Reminder System “pings” the manager with reminders, pinging several times, if necessary, to remind them to take action. If no action is taken after several attempts, a trigger sends this order to the distributor’s customer service center for further – more direct – action.

order approval and approval reminder system

Challenge #4: Storefronts must calculate freight and sales tax.

Solution: Tax Settings & Shipping Rate Editor

PageDNA’s Tax Settings and Shipping Rate Editor allow accurate US and Canadian sales tax calculation and freight. This includes real-time UPS and FedEx lookup of rates based on weight, package dimensions and other criteria.

budget control module

Challenge #5: Multiple manufacturing facilities are used for production and fulfillment.

Solution: Manufacturer Setup

The PageDNA platform has been designed to allow each item on a storefront to route independently to a selected manufacturing or fulfillment facility. Each vendor receives press-ready artwork files and order data in a format they prefer, seeing only the items for which they are responsible. The system allows these vendors to update shipment status upon delivery ensuring that users can track order status in real-time.

Whether you’re looking to automate your storefront’s budget control capabilities, remove error-prone online touches for customers, or enhance your relationships with your customers, PageDNA can help your business succeed online. Fill out our information form and schedule a consultation with our sales team to find out how we can help you!

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