Budget Control

What Is Budget Control?

PageDNA’s budget control capability allows a storefront to show a subsidy of funding
available to spend. These subsidies, or “budgets,” are assigned to a profile (user, branch,
or location) and made visible in the storefront header. As items are ordered, this funding
is decremented automatically. Example applications show the power of this tool: for
example, each branch or location is provided funding for print and marketing spend, or
employees are given an apparel allowance. PageDNA’s Budget Control feature saves huge
amounts of time that would be required to manage these subsidies otherwise.

Advantages of Budget Control

  • The system allows each store (customer location or dealer) to have a fixed amount of budget available per time period (year, quarter, month, week, day).
  • Budgets can be set for each individual user profile.
  • The budget amount available for ordering can be displayed in the site header, and it will appear on every page of the ordering process while logged in.
  • A shared budget group can be used across multiple profiles.
  • You can give employees a preset “product allowance” for a specific product or products.
  • Users who are out of budget ($0.00) can either:
    • Be prevented from ordering.
    • Pay the difference with a credit card.


Budget Control is included in all PageDNA plans and is available to all customers and storefronts.

Have More Questions?

Read our blog, “Enhance Local Marketing Procurement with Automated Budget Control” to learn how PageDNA’s budget control capabilities helped one of our distributor customers become the go-to vendor of local marketing materials for a Fortune 500 fashion retailer.

For additional uses, limitations, and information on setting up Budget Control, visit our documentation:
…or contact us via a method of your choice below.