Investing in a web to print eCommerce platform is a great idea. After all, over $5.5 trillion of goods is ordered using digital screens every year – and that number is growing. But if you jump into this exciting concept without a strategy for success, you may have invested in a formula for failure. Getting the system off the ground with a successful web to print implementation strategy is far more than just looking at a set of features and their benefits. For example, how is your selected platform partner going to ensure that your storefront launches, gets usage, and drives a fast return on investment?

You Cannot Afford Failure

Every week, we meet teams who have failed to achieve the results we regularly achieve, using competitors’ software or “homegrown” approaches. We find a lot of pent up frustration with the sales teams who promised them the moon, as well as with the implementation and support teams – but who then later fell short.

PageDNA cares deeply about this problem, and over our 25 years of existence, we have arrived at a unique approach that delivers results.  

Please watch this video from PageDNA CEO, Steve Enstad, explaining interactively how this process works.


Measure Twice, Cut Once: “PageDNA’s Discovery Process”

After reaching out to our sales team, we will begin a process of getting to know each other, both as individuals and as companies. Our discovery process is based on the philosophy that we have “two ears, but only one mouth”, so accordingly this is where we learn your goals, what you’ve tried to do to achieve them, and where the gaps may have been. Our careful scoping prevents later surprises.

At this step, critically, our team is working to ensure that your goal is ACTUALLY achievable.  For example, if you are working on a business-to-consumer (B2C) storefront but have no marketing plan or funding to get website traffic, you are very likely not to succeed. Our goal at PageDNA is not to sell pipe dreams but rather to create successful business realities.  

At times, we may provide information that isn’t what you expect to hear from a vendor. There’s a good reason for this: we only succeed if YOU succeed with our software. This “measure twice, but cut once” approach ensures that the next step in the process leads to the results you deserve: a profitable, high-volume storefront that makes your customers Raving Fans of ordering print and marketing products from your organization.

Industry-Leading Web to Print Implementation Process

From here, you become a customer and move into the next stage of the process where our team builds and launches your first storefront, while ensuring it gets usage.

At kick off, you will meet your PageDNA project manager. Our Director of Professional Services has over 10 years of experience using the PageDNA platform – not just here at PageDNA, but as a customer of PageDNA’s who used our software for 8 years in a role just like yours. Our project management team has awareness and deep empathy for what it’s like to work inside of a production print environment.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

In 2021, PageDNA’s implementation process averaged 81 days from kickoff to launch, a timeframe rarely matched in our industry. Some of our customers have even launched small projects in under one week! Through this process, PageDNA does the work; we only need your project manager to be available for 30 minutes per week for a meeting, plus another hour or so of additional work to gather information and test the storefront.

Project Management Is Job One

PageDNA’s team uses professional-grade project management software, coupled with an implementation process that has been refined over thousands of digital storefront builds. Each implementation we do is our best, because of our continuous improvement process. Our project management tool shows clearly:

  • Meeting notes from each meeting
  • Individual tasks assigned to individuals with status
  • A GANTT chart showing dependencies between tasks and responsibilities

The tool also gives you and your team a quick and easy way to upload files and other information we need to ensure you launch ahead of schedule and under budget.  Once a day, the project management system will send an email showing only what has changed in the past day – giving busy managers an easy way to keep their fingers on the pulse without scanning row after row of a spreadsheet.

Enabling Self Service Success

While we are guiding you through this process, we train you and your team how to become self-reliant, so you can take these tools into your own hands and extend what we are creating.

PageDNA’s web to print implementation process and user adoption strategies together ensure you launch quickly, get usage, and then can expand to drive more value.

The Proof of the Pudding Is in the Tasting

Don’t take our word for it! Read our reviews on Capterra! Most of these individuals came from another platform where they didn’t achieve success, only to find their long-term home for web to print with PageDNA.

We operate with a sense of urgency and you should too. Call us at 888.472.4336 or send us an email at You’ll work with one of our amazing web to print professionals who will set you up with a PageDNA web to print solution for your business. The right web to print platform and team are here, waiting for you, at PageDNA.

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