Shipping Rate Tools

What Are Shipping Rate Tools?

PageDNA’s shipping rate tools allow your storefront to calculate estimated shipping costs using real-time rates from FedEx or UPS, and/or other pricing models based on your own offered methods, such as local truck delivery or will call pickup. PageDNA interfaces with UPS and FedEx systems to get a quote based on the weight of the package(s) using their published rates or your contract rates. To ensure you cover all costs, prices can be augmented with markups, handling fees, and per carton cost.

Advantages of Shipping Rate Tools

Real-Time Shipping Features:

  • Shipping cost and total order cost change dynamically based on the shipping method selected.
  • Shipping methods can be made available to specific divisions—which are used primarily to filter items or user groups.
  • Each item can be associated with one or more shipping methods so users can select the shipping method that works best for them.
  • Domestic and international rates can be calculated for FedEx and UPS with the correct carton count based on an item’s weight and a carton’s maximum weight.

When not using real-time shipping rates for
FedEX and UPS:

  • Shipping costs can be calculated using zones
    based on either zip codes/postal codes, states/
    provinces, or countries.

Markups, Handling Fees, and Rush Charges:

  • Shipping markups can be applied to all shipping methods, or shipping methods can be marked individually.
  • Handling fees can be applied using flat handling fees, based on the order cost, or conditionally.
  • Rush charges can be added per order or per item if expedited delivery is needed.


  • Postage can be estimated for mailable items based on the total quantity.

Shipment Notification:

  • Users can be sent an email automatically when a shipment is processed on your PageDNA storefront.
  • Share a template across multiple item SKUs.


Our shipping rate tools are included in all PageDNA plans and are available to all customers and storefronts.

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