What Are Divisions?

The Divisions feature is a powerful tool whose primary purpose is to filter items, imprint
addresses, and shipping addresses for different user groups within a single storefront. These groups could range from internal departments in a single company to multiple small companies sharing a storefront: a “multi-tenant store”. The options for setting up Divisions allow for different ordering experiences for each Division.

Advantages of Divisions

  • Imprint and shipping addresses can be restricted to specific Divisions, but edited in one master address list.
  • Individual shipping and billing pages can be created, customized, and assigned to Divisions as needed.
  • First- and second-level approvers tied into the Approval system can be stored at a Division level.
  • Divisions can be set up with their own logo in the store header and their own customer service contact information.
  • The system allows each Division to have its own catalog of items, shipping options, and billing options available for placing orders.
  • Products can be configured so different imprint rules for personalized branding, specific to that Division, can be applied.
  • Individual Divisions can be flagged as nontaxable, allowing certain departments to be excluded from any tax settings in place on the storefront.


Divisions are included in all PageDNA plans and are available to all customers and storefronts.

Have More Questions?

For additional uses, limitations, and information on setting up Divisions, visit our documentation:

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