Investing in a web to print platform is a great idea. After all, the world is clearly moving to digital screens, and this software has great business advantages for both your organization and your customers. Web to print technology takes printing beyond speeds and feeds, paper and ink; beyond geographic boundaries. Its potential is still being developed and if you’re embracing this technology, you are a leader of the pack.

However, if you jump into this exciting concept without a strategy for success, you may have invested in a formula for failure.

Removing Touches = Success Online

The print procurement and production process involves many touches that are painful for the buyer, the print organization and all other stakeholders involved.  

Those touches can include:

As you can see, web to print is more than just a simple website that shoots emails that are then rekeyed into other systems. Web to print websites are WEBSITES THAT WORK. However, to do this work, they require configuration to match your own items, workflows and customer needs. How to get this all setup without straining your already busy staff?

To our point: What good are all these features if they aren’t implemented quickly, with a plan to get use from your customers? How is your print organization supposed to figure this all out while still managing the rest of the business – and without familiarity with the software at hand? 

You are right to be concerned.  

Web to Print Is a Partnership

Many print groups we meet come to us frustrated. They have partially implemented or incomplete solutions that have been limping along for too long – or never even got out of the blocks. It isn’t necessarily because the platforms lack the required features – rather, it’s often because they lacked a plan to get everything up and running.

Web to print involves more than just checking a box and saying, “We found our solution. Done!” In web to print, we know from 25 years of experience you need more than just software – you need a process and a team that will support you at each step, starting at step one. Without a guide and documented process, you can easily spin your wheels in the mud, delaying or postponing that return on investment.

Based on those years of experience, we’ve learned that our customers need more than just software, they need a plan for success that is proven to work. PageDNA has the answer and a plan: our implementation process ensures you succeed.

web to print platform partnership

Implementation: The Cornerstone for Success

The ideal process for getting live would ensure you get up and running quickly, involving as little of your time as possible, and in a way that ensures nothing is missed – all while simultaneously training you and your team to take over management of this storefront. 

As you evaluate solutions in the market, ensure yours have a viable plan for not just a live storefront, but one that gives you a fast ROI. This is exactly what we do at PageDNA to ensure your success. 

Requiring only about an hour of your time per week, PageDNA launches our customers in under three months. If you want to go faster, we can go faster; we have learned that most print shops are very busy and we need to ensure our pace harmonizes with your other tasks. In this process, we do the work of populating your storefront’s look, design, templates, pricing, billing…  all while training your staff to take over on maintaining the system.

We also ensure you will get usage out of this system. (Because what good is a system without your customers using it?)

Fast, Thorough Support from Print Industry Experts

Whatever web to print platform you choose, you need to make sure that the company speaks the same language: the language of print and fulfillment. PageDNA’s team has an average tenure at our company of 13 years – not to mention over 250 years of combined print experience on the team! – something we are very proud of, and that ensures the team that helps you knows their stuff. This team knows print, knows PageDNA, and we will get to know you as a true partner.

At your storefront launch meeting, PageDNA will transition you from implementation to our frontline support team who will give you cheerful and prompt training, technical help and also listen to your ideas about how we can improve the software.

Our average response time was 1.4 hours in 2021. But beyond just a fast response, how are we doing qualitatively, in the words of our customers? Read for yourself what our customers have to say.

Land and Expand

Unlike a print job that you complete and ship out – where it is then “done”, completed and billed – the reality is that eCommerce systems by their very nature are always evolving and growing to handle more customer challenges. Your first project or customer is exciting. This is the first step on an exciting journey to further automation and success!

The system you choose needs to “play well with others”. Your web to print software also needs to tie into your existing (and potentially new, future) systems for MIS, workflow and billing. At PageDNA, that’s why we partner with the best companies: to make your web to print solution a tightly integrated part of your chosen family of solutions – the solutions that drive your organization.

Your selected web to print platform needs great features, a plan for implementation that will ensure a launch and usage, and great support. PageDNA is ready with more than just great features, we are ready to ensure you succeed online. Please complete our information form to schedule a consultation with our sales team.

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