What Is Approval?

Approval ties your PageDNA storefronts into the compliance and review process
for your customer or organization. The Approval feature allows an order to be held,
reviewed, and edited before it is sent to production. Orders can also be forwarded
to another individual for review, or they can be denied outright. PageDNA has the
ability to notify the requester as these events take place and includes a robust
“Reminder” system to ensure orders do not linger unattended.

Advantages of Approval

  • A manager can approve orders placed by employees within their specific department (division).
  • Specific departments can require their orders be approved while other departments do not.
  • A manager can approve specific information, such as a title on a business card, before production.
  • Managers can approve all orders over a certain dollar amount before they are sent to production.
  • The purchasing department can provide (or confirm) a user-entered PO number before production.
  • An order can be forwarded to multiple people before the order is considered fully approved.
  • Reminders can be sent if an order is not approved within a certain number of business days.


Approval is included in all PageDNA plans and is available to all customers and

Have More Questions?

For additional uses, limitations, and information on setting up Approval, visit our documentation:
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