Everyone in production print cares about workflow – after all, without a focus on workflow, the business is incredibly inefficient.

Printing companies know exactly why print workflow automation is better for their business: it’s better for their customers too. At PageDNA we know that workflow starts OUTSIDE your print shop walls, with an online storefront.  More often than not, your printing processes (including print job submission), sales and services are managed online in your digital storefront.

There’s no reason you can’t consolidate what your digital storefront needs with what type – and level – of service you want to deliver to your customers. Print workflow automation technology is the most value-added, digital solution offering the timeless comfort of human touch (yours).

Print Workflow Automation: What and Why

“Touchless” interaction is a driving force behind most businesses these days and print businesses are no different. The right web to print platform can connect you with your delivery team, shippers, merchants, and customers.

If the real estate market mantra is “location, location, location,” the web to print management system’s is “control, control, control.” Print workflow automation puts you in complete control:

  • Content is easily redistributed. Hardcopies, landing pages, email templates…wherever your message needs to be discovered, you can make sure it’s there.
  • Online ordering tends to increase sales volumes.
  • Online orders are easier from initiation through deliverables.
  • Productivity is more efficient, saving you both time and money.
  • Turnaround times are greatly reduced.
  • Waste is minimized because accuracy is increased.
  • Your digital print shop can contribute to your marketing efforts.

print workflow automation

How to Implement Automated Workflows

When AI (artificial intelligence) and workflow automation were first introduced to the web to print industry, many expressed concerns about loss of jobs. Those fears are proving unfounded. Print workflow automation can reduce manual tasks and this frees up employees to focus on:

  • Better quality of deliverables
  • Business development
  • Creativity
  • Improved customer service

…and more. Employee morale, productivity and overall profitability increase in direct proportion to the increased use of automation solutions.

Here are 3 ways to take action and implement web to print automated workflows into your digital storefront:

  1. Audit your workflow: Do a project walkthrough and identify the areas where things go wrong most often. These are your pain points – and your priority. You no longer want to operate in “damage control” mode; now, you can operate proactively to prevent the problems in the first place.
  2. Evaluate your software: Are you fully utilizing what you have? Some companies are afraid of their own project quote software. They’re afraid the software doesn’t understand the competition. Your old software, sometimes called your “legacy” system, needs to support APIs (application programming interfaces).
  3. Put data to work: Many companies are overwhelmed with managing information overload. Others may just need to consolidate the data they currently have and would benefit from implementing fact-finding workflows, especially surrounding customer fulfillment.

Partner with PageDNA

When getting up to speed is a necessity and not a choice, PageDNA has options that will bring your print business back to life.

We work for – and with – companies of all sizes. We care about the success of a small startup just as much as any flagship organization. We’ve been doing this since 1997, so we’ll have the knowledge and experience to understand where your business has been, is currently, and where you want it to be. Then, we develop print solutions. With the reduction in manual labor, your team will be free to evaluate, strategize and grow your brand.

Print production workflow development is just one of the services and features we offer for both commercial printers and internal print shopsContact us today to learn more.

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