PageDNA is starting 2024 off strong by improving our services with a migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’re excited about this move, which will place PageDNA and its customers at the forefront of the best in cloud technology. 

About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, also referred to simply as AWS, is a cloud service provider that has millions of customers across the globe – including large companies, government agencies, and startups. AWS has been providing cloud services for over 17 years and has the largest global cloud infrastructure compared to other providers. 

Below are some other great features of AWS that we’re excited about:

  • The AWS Partner Network (APN) includes thousands of systems integrators who specialize in AWS services
  • Millions of users means that AWS services have seen it all, and they know the best way to help 
  • Users receive access to the latest cloud technologies and innovations
  • Highly secure services relied upon by government agencies, banking institutions, and other organizations that deal in highly sensitive information

Advantages of the AWS Cloud

All these great features mean migrating to the AWS cloud will benefit PageDNA – and, in turn, our customers – in several ways.

Outstanding Reliability

AWS has a reputation for its consistent reliability and providing highly dependable services. It has one of the largest global infrastructures of any cloud provider and ensures 24/7 functionality.

Top-Tier Security

With millions of customers across the globe who require the best security measures cloud providers can offer, AWS doesn’t fall short. It has over 300 security, compliance, and governance services in addition to 143 security standards and certifications.

Fast Performance

AWS servers provide lightning-speed services. They’re also innovating quickly, which means you get the most up-to-date technology and innovation before anyone else.


One of our favorite features of AWS is its ability to grow as PageDNA does. AWS is set up to adapt to whatever level its customers demand, and it’s constantly evolving.

The Latest in Cloud Technology

AWS has one of the largest global networks of users in the world. Because millions of firms utilize their services, it means AWS is constantly building efficiencies, security, operational measures, and innovations. That keeps PageDNA and its customers at the leading edge in Cloud technology and innovation.

Migrating to AWS: Our Approach

The decision to migrate to AWS was not taken quickly. We spent time analyzing different metrics to ensure AWS was the best choice for PageDNA and our customers. Ultimately, AWS won out because of its high reliability, secure network, and cost. 

To implement this change, we’ve brought on a full-time Principal Systems Administrator who has extensive experience working with AWS and transitioning into the cloud while working for AWS Premier Partner consulting company ClearScale. We’ve already completed the Assessment phase of our migration, and now we’re moving into Mobilization and Migration.

Paying Down Our Technical Debt

Any time a software product is created, technical debt begins to accumulate. The moment the product launches, it may have little to no debt. However, as time goes on, debt can build up if product teams don’t continuously update features and manage functionality. 

At PageDNA, we’re constantly managing our technical debt. Even when things seem quiet, we’re working hard in the background to ensure every feature and benefit we provide is updated, relevant, and functional. This migration is a huge step towards continuing this work in a more efficient, streamlined manner. 

Migrating to AWS is a way for PageDNA to pay down significant technical debt on our infrastructure so that we can focus more on building great features, increasing productivity, and delivering innovative systems while using the best-in-class services for you and your customers.

Looking to the Future

When you’re choosing your web to print platform, identifying a provider that continuously updates and innovates should be a high priority. For us, this is the “DNA” in our name. PageDNA is constantly evolving to ensure our customers can thrive. 

Migrating to AWS is a decision we are really excited about. It’s going to improve performance and reliability across everything PageDNA does and lead to an even better customer experience in the years to come – for both our existing, loyal customers and our new ones. 

If you’re looking for a new home for your web-to-print automation, we’d love to meet you. To set up an educational session or free demo, please contact us by filling out our contact form.

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