Drive User Adoption

What it is

From our experience, customers need more than just a print ordering platform – they need thought leadership on how to drive product adoption and high usage. Supporting this, PageDNA doesn’t just launch your storefront, we also ensure that your print ordering users quickly adopt the system and see the benefits it brings to them.


PageDNA’s product usage strategies ensure that you get a rapid return on your investment, through high product utilization. Without this, a web-to-print solution will fail, and become “shelfware” – defined as software sitting on the shelf not giving you an economic benefit.


Our plan to drive user adoption of the PageDNA system starts in our first implementation meeting. We ask what your plans are, and create quantified goals to determine success metrics. With our decades of experience, we will often add additional ideas and insights to get your print ordering customers excited about this upgrade to their ordering workflow.

In explaining the benefits of the system to your print ordering users from their point of view, we transform any anxiety and uncertainty about change into online ordering activity. This activity leads to happy print ordering users – and the people you support will have changed their existing habits and allegiances to the new improved way of ordering, online with PageDNA.

At PageDNA, our success depends on your success. On a continual basis, PageDNA’s Customer Success team monitors your online order volume and reaches out both to celebrate successes, as well as to address potential challenges by creating user guides for you, offering training webinars and videos, and much more!