Billing Options

What Are the Options for Billing My Customers?

PageDNA offers a robust set of options for Billing customers. From purchase orders (POs), cost centers, credit card gateway access, sales tax, and discounts to multiple bill pages per site with different checkout options, PageDNA has you covered.

Advantages of PageDNA’s Billing Options

Sales Tax

  • Diverse tax calculation options:
    • Flat tax rates or no tax.
    • Look up tax based on US ZIP code.
    • Look up US tax using origin ZIP when shipping within the same state
    • Use either US or Canadian tax rates based on user’s selected country
    • Flat tax rate per state
  • Optional taxation of handling costs and mailed items

Advanced PO / Cost Center Capabilities, also known as Bill Codes

  • Pull Bill Code info from Profiles or Divisions to Checkout. Enter Bill Code info on Checkout in a text field or by selecting from a drop-down.
  • Manage up to 10 Bill Codes and 10 Item Bill Codes per site.
  • You can use regular expressions (regex) to restrict what users enter in a Bill Code field, among other advanced features.

Credit Card Checkout

  • PageDNA integrates with the following gateways:
    • Bank of America Merchant Services
    • PayPal PayFlow Pro (formerly owned by Verisign)
    • CyberSource
  • Real-time credit card processing:
    • PageDNA does real-time authorization of credit cards that moves money between accounts. Of the four different payment gateway processors PageDNA integrates with, Bank of America Merchant Services is the default gateway
  • Passive credit card processing: Similar to how it collects Bill Codes, PageDNA can collect credit card numbers from customers, which are later run manually through your terminal. In the passive credit card processing configuration, the system does not authorize funds immediately but does verify the credit card number is valid, the expiration date has not passed, and other required fields (name on card, cardholder’s phone number, etc.) have been completed.
  • Security: The PageDNA security policy follows the Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules. It encrypts and scrubs credit card numbers after no more than 45 days and performs all other steps to keep our system secure.

Discounts / Budget Control

  • The Discounts feature can be enabled on a Storefront.This feature allows a customer to redeem special offers by entering a code during the checkout process.
    • Allow users to redeem a one-time coupon or promotional code.
    • Give repeat customers an automatic 10% discount when reordering.
    • Provide free shipping on orders over a certain price.
    • Run promotions on specific product lines that receive an automatic discount on certain dates (e.g., “10% off all envelopes this month only”).
    • Allow customers to have a Profile-based Budget that Admins can edit.
      • Budgets enable you to restrict ordering when order totals exceed the allowed budget or to implement either PO/Cost Center or Credit Card checkout for the remaining balance.


Approval is included in all PageDNA plans and is available to all customers and

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