During our 27 years of experience, we’ve learned that commercial printers need more than just great software. They need thought leadership and comprehensive eCommerce sales support to effectively communicate the value of online ordering to their customers and prospects. Lucky for you, PageDNA provides both! We teach our customers how to present solutions and sell the benefits of online ordering, allowing them to grow their sales and business even more. 

The Online Ordering Landscape

Commercial print is one of the oldest and most competitive industries around. To be frank, it’s a net zero-sum game – you’re only going to gain an account by taking it away from someone else. 

That’s why commercial printers need to make use of every advantage possible to win new customers and stay ahead. PageDNA knows this, and our eCommerce sales support is a secret weapon that will help you beat out the competition.

Despite what some may think, online ordering systems are only becoming more popular. They make the customer experience easier and increase your chances to bring in future jobs and revenue. Knowing how to sell web to print will only make your business grow. 

Benefits of Web to Print Sales Support

PageDNA has almost three decades of experience explaining the value of software to users in simple, easy-to-understand language. By joining your sales team, we can help improve your sales value in the marketplace. 

There’s nothing worse than looking like a deer in headlights when a customer asks you a question about some exotic integration or functionality. We’ve given over 5,000 demonstrations, so we know a thing or two about selling our software. Our team can anticipate almost anything, and we’ll be there to help.

Here are just a few of the ways our eCommerce sales support can help your sales team:

  • Talk tracks designed to expose pain – pain we can solve with the solution
  • Content knowledge expertise
  • Increased sales
  • Personalized support 
  • Professional demonstrations
  • Strategic partners 

What Does PageDNA Sales Support Look Like?

We consistently receive positive feedback from our customers. Many have told us that our initial web to print demonstration helped them seal the deal with a new customer. But if you’re wondering what our eCommerce sales support looks like in action, check out the case studies below.

Taking Commercial Print Sales International

We provided sales support to one of our commercial printers over a period of four months. They needed support to close a foot-in-the-door opportunity with a small division of a Fortune 500 account. PageDNA’s CEO joined the commercial printer in presenting a solution and providing an initial demonstration of an online storefront.

Sure enough, they landed the account. Since then, this commercial printer has become more self-reliant. We even worked with them as they took on more divisions of this larger company and eventually assumed printing for its offices in South America. The commercial printer now uses PageDNA to route orders to South America through another vendor there.

This commercial printer has also told PageDNA that they never would have landed the customer if it weren’t for our software and help in the field. We taught them how to find pain and present solutions, and now they’re capable of selling without us. But we’ll always be there to support them when they need it. That’s the PageDNA way! 

Support on Strategy

In addition to supporting you live with existing and prospective customers, PageDNA also helps you strategize the best ways to provide these systems. We helped one of our customers make the decision to charge their users for the use of an online ordering system – and it significantly improved their revenue. 

This presents a great opportunity for commercial printers, and it ensures you’re charging future work at the appropriate rate. 

Sell More with PageDNA

How can PageDNA eCommerce sales support help you sell more? Check out these two real-world examples from customers we have helped sell more. In both cases, we did an initial demonstration and later received feedback from the commercial printer letting us know that our demonstration was a huge part of why that customer chose them. 

“Thanks so much for your help on [Account Name]. We beat out the incumbent…with a different web-ordering site. Your ‘spot on’ presentation was a big part of our win!”

David A. – Commercial Printer 

“Great demo! Just the right amount of features without being overwhelming. Mission accomplished as [Account Name] have signed up with us.”

Bob D. – Commercial Printer

Commercial Print Sales Support from PageDNA

Commercial print is no longer just about price, timeliness, and a great reputation – it’s also about understanding your customers, knowing their pain points, and helping to make their lives easier. At PageDNA, our eCommerce sales support helps you do just that. We support you in making the sale, and you see your customer base and revenue streams grow. 

If you have any questions about PageDNA sales support or would like to experience our sales support first-hand by meeting our sales team, please reach out to sales@PageDNA.com or schedule a demo.

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