You have a lot of information collected in your web to print platform. It’s critical that you get that information out of the system and into the hands of your customers and stakeholders, both inside and outside of your organization. This is something we’ve been perfecting for 25 years here at PageDNA and customers are often surprised to learn just how powerful our reporting is. In the video below, “Extract and Deliver Critical Data with PageDNA’s Reporting Functionality”, CEO Steve Enstad explains how PageDNA uniquely helps you build custom reports, automate their delivery, and extend access to key stakeholders safely.

We have extensive support on our website to help you learn about many of PageDNA’s features, like our reporting. You can find individual pages for many of the powerful functions we have in PageDNA by visiting the Features and Benefits portion of our site.

Whether you’re new to PageDNA or a seasoned vet, we hope you find this video useful for learning more about PageDNA’s product. Be on the lookout for even more of PageDNA’s features and benefits in future videos, and be sure to schedule a consultation with our sales team if you’d like to learn more!