Today’s marketing teams increasingly use content that comes in both digital and print formats. Delivering content in more ways than one ensures marketers can reach customers wherever they are – which is why many companies expect to increase budgets for traditional and print marketing in the coming years. 

At PageDNA, this means our software needs to be relevant to both print and digital marketing content if we want to help our customers stay relevant and increase their value-add. We do this by allowing you to distribute marketing content in more ways than one – including digitally.

What Is Digital Content Distribution?

Digital content distribution is the process of distributing digital marketing content through your PageDNA storefront in addition to printed materials. With PageDNA, your customers can request both print and digital materials in a single, curated experience. But what exactly is digital content, and how do people use it? 

Types of Digital Content

Any marketer worth their salt knows that the best way to reach customers is through a variety of channels that include a mix of digital and printed content. Being in the professional printing sector, this type of printed content is likely familiar to you – signage, table covers, business cards, apparel, etc. 

Similar to printed materials, digital content supports the branding and marketing goals of the company you are printing for. The types of content that fit this category are limitless. Here are just a few: 

  • Vector and raster logos
  • Microsoft Office templates (PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
  • Social media graphics and other imagery 
  • Static or variable content graphics (items you need fast) 
  • PDF versions of forms
  • Advertisements 

At PageDNA, our web to print software can help you distribute all of these digital materials to your stakeholders. And everything is delivered electronically.

Two Methods of Digital Content Delivery

While printed materials are typically delivered via mail or shipments, you can deliver digital content with PageDNA in two ways: via eDelivery or a direct download. 

Direct Download

Delivering digital content via direct download is as simple as it sounds. Users log onto their company’s storefront, select the content they want to download, and immediately download it without any constraints such as payment or needed approvals. 

In this delivery mode, items typically aren’t customizable. Instead, customers select and download the content they plan to use. Direct downloads are a great option for things like point-of-sale videos or social media graphics. 


The other delivery option for digital content distribution is eDelivery, which is short for electronic delivery. eDelivery offers more customization, security, and a chance for monetization. 

  • Customization: Users can personalize digital content by adding their name, location, or other information, such as photos for a marketing piece that they can then download. Using eDelivery ensures a company’s official marketing designs remain intact while also allowing its users to customize digital materials as needed. PageDNA’s software enforces a company’s marketing standards across both print and digital content to guarantee consistency. 
  • Security: Most companies want to maintain a sense of protection when it comes to their proprietary content, such as vector logos or other proprietary information. eDelivery provides an added layer of security through our approval feature. With approvals, PageDNA will first send the digital content through a compliance review step, where a designated reviewer can approve or deny the request before the content is delivered to a user’s email inbox. 
  • Monetization: While digital content distribution increases the value you’re providing to your stakeholders, it can also increase your own revenue. As this service saves your customers time while ensuring consistency and compliance, you may wish to charge for the value you are providing! PageDNA’s eDelivery offers you the option to set a price for digitally distributed content. Before users can access their digital content, they pay a fixed price that you set. And that money goes directly to your print shop. 

Watch our webinar below to learn more about eDelivery or a direct download in action.

Use Cases:  Digital Content Distribution at Work 

Allowing users to access and download digital content and printed materials on your PageDNA storefront can help different types of customers in several ways. 

Local Marketing Support for Security Company Dealerships

A large security company with thousands of dealers spanning two continents has dealers that sell their security services in their local markets. These dealers need both traditional print (t-shirts, mugs, brochures, etc.) and digital marketing items that they can customize to help them sell services. 

As a security company, security matters to them in many ways, including their marketing processes. Accordingly, they use the approvals feature to ensure any use of their logo is approved before being digitally sent to a dealer. 

The company also utilizes direct download digital distribution by allowing dealers to instantly download pre-recorded and branded videos that can play on a loop inside a dealership. This ensures the dealerships have the latest in both print and digital marketing assets deployed at the point of sale.

Realtor in a Rush

Let’s say one of your clients is a real estate company with hundreds of agents across a large geographic area. In this scenario,  a real estate agent is planning to do a last-minute showing or open house and needs materials quickly – too fast to have them professionally printed.

With PageDNA’s digital distribution function, the realtor can access their company’s personalized storefront, select the materials they need, customize materials with their name, listing information, and photos, and have the digital copy sent to them in a matter of minutes. 

Get Started Today – Help Your Customers With Their Digital Content Distribution Strategy

Setting up your PageDNA storefront with digital content capabilities is easy, and PageDNA is ready to help you bring this capability to life for your customers. If you have any questions, reach out to We’ve got team members standing by to help!

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