What Are Reports?

PageDNA’s reporting system gives you or your customers the ability to run and schedule reports that help you monitor your storefront’s activity, extract data for other business systems, and provide other valuable information—including monitoring orders that are late and unshipped, outside your Service Level commitments. Reports can be run within one storefront or across multiple storefront instances.

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Advantages of Reports

  • Reports are preconfigured to provide the most commonly used information and can be easily reconfigured for personal reporting needs.
  • Order- and items-level reports provide a deep level of order and item details.
  • Inventory reports show current “on-hand” values or the history of inventory transactions.
  • Product summary reports provide an aggregate view of order activity over time.
  • You can create saved reports to run and schedule as needed.
  • You can prevent administrative users from editing saved reports.
  • You can grant access to individual report types and individual saved reports (on a per user basis).
  • Reports are deliverable in a number of formats: Excel (xls), CSV, HTML, or as a plain text.
  • PageDNA supports the ability to bring PageDNA’s Excel files into SAP Crystal Reports for pixel-perfect, advanced reporting capabilities.
  • You can schedule reports to allow for regular delivery on an automated basis.
  • Reports can be delivered on a schedule you set—daily, Monday-Friday, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Scheduled reports can be delivered via email or Secure FTP.


Reports are included in all PageDNA plans and are available to all customers and storefronts.

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