Bulk Orders

What Is PageDNA’s Bulk Orders feature?

Bulk Orders is a feature that allows uploading a spreadsheet in which each row is used to create an individual order. In other words, you can create multiple orders en masse using a spreadsheet. Orders are queued for approval and sent to be produced or fulfilled after each order has been approved. This module is recommended for large orders of variable products such as business cards and letterhead. It is most often used in rebranding or new office openings where a group needs all new material.

Advantages of Bulk Ordering

  • Save time by producing hundreds to thousands of orders with a spreadsheet instead of by hand.
    • This can be run for a single item or many items at one time.
  • During a Bulk Order, you can set many variable values that are normally present throughout the ordering process.
    • Add or omit item variables.
    • Add specific billing variables.
    • Set a specific approver for each order.
  • By policy, all orders must be queued for approval so you can confirm accuracy and release orders in batches to maintain control over your workflow.
  • Each order is assigned an order ID (token) and a job ticket in management information systems. Additionally, each order can be reordered individually later.
  • Bulk Ordering can be used with our imposition software for auto-grouping and scheduling of 1- and 2-sided orders.
  • Customers can track each individual order through the shipping tracking system.


This module is available to all customers on a modern (non-Legacy) pricing plan. Existing customers should contact success@PageDNA.com to get started.

Have More Questions?

For additional information and limitations on Bulk Ordering, visit our documentation:
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