Typesetting and Dynamic Page Layout

What Is Typesetting and Dynamic Page Layout?

Our VIPER typesetting engine gives you greater control over setting type and images on a printed or electronically-delivered product. A real-time online proof is presented to the user in both desktop and mobile environments. Our VIPER engine allows you to easily conform to your customer’s corporate standards and ensure their brand is protected, while shortening time from order to production, making short-run variable work more profitable.

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Some of the Many Advantages of VIPER


  • Change font size and leading dynamically
  • Automatically wrap text to the next line
  • Create bulleted lists, with or without an indent
  • Set text in a table
  • Set text at an angle or on a curve
  • Add bullets or other separators dynamically
  • Replace characters within a line of text
  • Force the text to use a specific case, for example, uppercase
  • Support Wingdings and non-Latin fonts, like Simplified or Traditional Chinese and Hindi
  • Automatically center a block of type between other objects on the page

Additional Options

  • Check whether conditions are not met and present an error to the user
  • Allow a single template to be used by multiple items on a storefront


  • Scale images to fit inside a denied space
  • Change artwork based on user selection
  • Crop or resize uploaded images
  • Support different preview and output layers
  • Create QR codes, mecards, or vcards using variable information

Rules and Borders

  • Draw a border around an image
  • Fill a rectangle with a specific color
  • Draw a rectangle of fixed or variable size
  • Draw a vertical or horizontal rule of fixed or variable length


  • Create Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Handle mail merge (up to ~3,000 impressions)
  • Swap out layers of artwork based on input
  • Share a template across multiple item SKUs


Our VIPER tool for typesetting and dynamic page layout is included in all PageDNA plans and is available to all customers and storefronts.

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