What Are Profiles?

A Profile is a collection of stored personal data, usually about a person, but can be a company
branch or business location. At a minimum, just user credentials can be stored. Additional
information can be stored, including graphic elements, such as photos or logos. This information can be used to populate items with variable input or control which items a user can see and order.

Advantages of Profiles

Stored information, such as name, title, address, and contact information, can be passed forward into an order.

  • Allow images; billing and budget values; information selected via drop-downs, checkboxes and more to be stored.
  • Assign users different roles with different permissions. This includes allowing users with elevated permissions to order on behalf of other users and edit fields not editable by lower-level users.
  • Individual Profile fields can be required so ordering cannot begin until a value is set/selected.
  • Divisions, or business departments, can be set in a Profile, allowing items to be filtered and users with elevated permissions to only see users within their Division.
  • PageDNA can restrict users to using specific email domains for Profile creation.
  • PageDNA controls can require users to be approved or to verify their email address before shopping is allowed.
  • For Divisions or multi-tenant storefronts, you can create an auto-sense login URL that offers users a way to automatically set the Division associated with their Profile on first login.


Profiles are included in all PageDNA plans and are available to all customers and storefronts.

Have More Questions?

For additional uses, limitations, and information on setting up Profiles, visit our documentation:
…or contact us via a method of your choice below.