Inventory Control

What Is Inventory Control?

PageDNA’s inventory control capabilities help storefront owners manage the complexities inherent in selling goods stocked on a warehouse shelf. Customers can see inventory levels and order from available inventory. For the administration team, PageDNA streamlines finished goods management with automated inventory reporting, low-inventory notifications, and proactive management of SLAs. For customers using MIS systems, inventory integration APIs ensure that PageDNA communicates in real-time with WMS and MIS systems, keeping storefront inventory in sync with the realities of the warehouse.

Advantages of Inventory Controlled Items

  • A recorded inventory update history with reporting capabilities.
  • The ability to update inventory manually or through automated means.
  • A shared stock tag, allowing multiple items to pull from the same inventory total.
  • Manual adjustment of the on-hand values, including a note field for why the adjustment was made.
  • An item-specific low-stock notification system, sending an email when stock has goes below a certain defined number.
  • The ability to notify someone when inventory changes have been made.
  • A setting to hide an item on the storefront or make it non-orderable when no stock remains.
  • Item-specific informational fields for tracking internal (warehouse) information:
    • Bin number, offsite inventory, revision number, and revision date.
  • Backorder options:
    • Allow unlimited ordering
    • Prevent ordering once on-hand stock hits zero
    • Allow items to be backordered and fulfilled later
    • Allow backordering up to a certain defined amount


Inventory Control is included in all PageDNA plans and is available to all customers and storefronts.

Have More Questions?

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