Integrating into eProcurement (ERP) Systems

How Does PageDNA Integrate with eProcurement (ERP) systems?

PageDNA integrates with a number of eProcurement or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, like SAP/Ariba, using a cXML PunchOut round-trip workflow. With these integrations, users can pass seamlessly from your existing ERP storefront to ordering customizable products, while your storefront maintains branding continuity. Get all of the advantages of PageDNA’s print configuration. We have experience integrating PageDNA with many systems using the cXML standard. Contact us with your requirements for more information about cXML integrations.

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Advantages of ERP Integrations

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP storefront to enable customers to order static and customizable products while maintaining branding continuity.
  • Securely passes user credentials and session information.
  • Skips the confirmation email to prevent user confusion when orders are completed in the originating ERP system.
  • Collects shipping and/or billing information in PageDNA or in your existing ERP system.
  • Delivers to the manufacturer the necessary XML and FTP files upon placement of an order.

You can prevent or allow “direct orders” — orders starting in the PageDNA storefront:

  • By default, storefronts are set up to prevent any orders that do not originate from the ERP system.
  • Storefronts using cXML can be set up to allow “direct orders” for standard users.
  • Site admins can place non-cXML orders even when the cXML settings prevent standard users from doing so.

Order Approval:

  • A cXML order is held by PageDNA until it is completed in the originating ERP system. This ensures that the user completes the order, and the ERP system releases it, before it is sent to production by PageDNA.
  • An additional level of approval can be set to hold orders for review in PageDNA after they are released from the originating ERP system.


ERP integrations can incur additional setup costs or hosting fees; please contact for more information.

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