What Is the PageDNA Imposition System?

Imposition is a printing term that refers to the process of arranging files or pages on a press sheet so a job can be produced in the most effective manner. PageDNA’s Imposition System can impose one or more orders together using the ideal number-up and fewest number of press sheets to produce the quantities needed so that the product can be trimmed out easily.

Orders placed on a PageDNA storefront can be sent to PageDNA’s Imposition System for imposition. Orders can be manually arranged one or more up on a plate or can be imposed automatically and scheduled for delivery on specific days and at specific times. Plates can be downloaded manually or delivered via email, FTP, or SFTP.

Advantages of the Imposition System

  • PageDNA’s Imposition System reduces the amount of time needed to impose orders.
  • Ganging jobs on a single plate is easy because the built-in algorithms do all the calculations to determine the best number-up to yield the finished quantities needed.
  • PageDNA’s Imposition System can automatically impose plates and deliver them on specific days and times.
  • It’s easy to use and runs on consistently with little to no oversight.
  • It is well-designed, flexible, and robust.

Which algorithms are used is based on two primary factors:

  • Each order’s quantity
  • Number-up configured for the plate

Plates can be scheduled for delivery at specific times and can be delivered by the following methods:

  • Email
  • FTP
  • SFTP

PageDNA’s Imposition System can impose one or more orders together using the ideal number-up to produce the quantities needed, while using the fewest number of press sheets. Each plate can be configured for:

  • Overall press sheet size or plate size
  • Finished size
  • Number-up per plate
  • Head margin (including plate bend, when needed)
  • Side margin
  • Bleeds
  • Gutters
  • Crop marks
  • Work and Turn
  • Work and Tumble
  • Impose Items Head-to-Head
  • Impose Items Foot-to-Foot
  • Include color bars
  • Additional options are available
You can begin using the PageDNA Imposition System when you configure a plate for an order.


Access to PageDNA’s Imposition System is available in most PageDNA plans for a small one-time charge that covers setup and initial training.