The Content Library

What Is the Content Library?

The Content Library is PageDNA’s digital asset management system. When you need a repository to hold a selection of art for one item or many, this feature is there to serve. The Content Library can also hold data to pass into the form(s) of an item, allowing for user editing, or straight into an item style. Values held in the Content Library can be used to change fonts and colors or populate an entire style based on a single image selection. The selection of the content is triggered by your site’s users as they configure their items.

Advantages of Content Library

The Content Library allows for:

  • Storing art elements for a single item.
  • Storing art elements that are shared by many items.
  • Storing text copy elements that are triggered by image selection.
  • Populating an item style in part or in whole.
  • Triggering style configuration (changes in fonts or colors) based on user selections.

Uses of the Content Library:

  • Choose a single logo selection for a single layout.
  • Select a background image for one or both sides of an item.
  • Select an image and its description copy.
  • Populate items with images, or images and their associated text, on a sales brochure that features products available to a single user or store location.
  • Allow for specific image selection and enable the image to change shape when the layout changes as the user selects elements.
  • Populate an entire item based on a single user image selection.


The Content Library is included in all PageDNA plans and is available to all customers and storefronts.

Have More Questions?

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