Bundled (Kitted) Items

What Are Bundled (Kitted) Items?

Occasionally, you may want to bundle multiple items and offer them as a single item on your site. Or, you may want to create a “kit” of items that your users can add or subtract sub-items to and from. This is what PageDNA’s Bundled (Kitted) Items can do for you! Bundled (Kitted) Items offer a number of options for efficiently handling sub-items.

Advantages of Bundled (Kitted) Items

Streamline the Ordering of Multiple Items

  • Multiple sub-items that share the same variables (e.g., a business card and an envelope that require the same address) can be configured using a single form during the ordering session.
  • Multiple item proofs can be shown at the same time after item configuration.
  • The sub-items of a bundle can have the same quantity specifications, or each sub-item can have its own quantity specification and pricing.
  • Static and variable items can be bundled together into a single product.
  • If your Bundled (Kitted) Item is a collection of styles or static PDFs, PageDNA allows for the files to be delivered as individual files or to be combined into a single PDF file, depending on your needs.
  • Bundled (Kitted) Items allow for sub-item selection individually or in groups, using check boxes and/or drop-downs.

Bundled (Kitted) Item Features

  • Sub-items inside a bundle can be hidden from users or can be shown for à la carte selection.
  • You can create bundles that include multiple instances of the same item.
  • Bundles that contain optional sub-items with inventory controls will show the items as out-of-stock if there is not sufficient inventory to order.
  • Links to bundles on shipping, approval, and basket view allow you to edit bundle items as a group. This is useful when bundles include variable items that depend on each other’s item forms.


Bundled (Kitted) Items are included in all PageDNA plans and are available to all customers and storefronts.

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