Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations

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Is there anything more annoying than trying to remember all of your passwords? Or having to re-enter your password multiple times just to stay logged in to your account? As part of our Product Information Series, this webinar focuses on Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations, an authentication process that provides greater security without the headache of dealing with multiple passwords or login attempts.

SSO is PageDNA’s most popular integration, and for good reason. This integration allows storefront login with a single click, without users having to remember or type in another password. Having a single username and password for your internal system and your PageDNA storefront increases security, improves the user-experience, and may be a requirement for your print buying customers now or in the near future.

In the full webinar recording, we explain in greater detail exactly what SSO is, why these integrations exist, how PageDNA supports these integrations and how you can engage directly with us on your SSO integration projects to stay on the cutting edge of B2B eCommerce trends.

Common SAML/ SSO systems include Azure, ADFS, Google, Okta, and Shibboleth.

What are some common SAML/SSO systems?

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Duration: 20 minutes

Date recorded: 6/16/2021

About the speakers

Amy Leitheiser

Customer Success Manager

Steve Enstad

Owner, President and CEO

David Damm

Head of Education and Training

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